Title III Crowdfunding Offerings – Up to $1,000,000
Reg A+ Offerings (“mini-IPO”)
Reg D Private Placement Offerings (Accredited Investors Only) 

The above offerings allow private emerging growth companies to raise varying amounts of capital from investors via  crowdfunding websites. Conducting the SEC filings and posting the offerings on the right sites is a complex undertaking for all those unfamiliar. First Line assists companies with the selection of the appropriate offerings and website platforms for their specific needs. We guide our portfolio companies through the entire process in order to ensure the most promising and cost effective outcome.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)
For many companies an initial public offering (IPO) is the most effective way to raise growth capital. The professionals at First Line possess the resources and industry experience to successfully guide a company through the entire IPO process. Our team is dedicated to creating a public strategy that will not only attract the desired financing but will yield the appropriate capital structure with a sustainable valuation.

Direct Public Registrations (DPO)
A Public Registration and exchange listing is a viable public strategy for both domestic and foreign companies. Obtaining public company status has many advantages including greater access to investment capital and liquidity for shareholders. When taking a company public, First Line Capital guides issuers through each stage of the process from registration filings and exchange listings to after-market support. By leveraging our resources and industry expertise, First Line Capital ensures that the stage is set for robust and dynamic stock performance.

Crowdfunding IPOs (partnered with IPO Village)
Crowdfunding is quickly creating an alternative avenue for emerging growth companies to raise capital. First Line Capital founded IPO Village in 2012, as the crowdfunding industry just began to invent itself. First Line’s objective is to provide  crowdfunding services to companies seeking to implement a public strategy or companies that are already public and are looking to raise additional capital  through non-traditional means. This translates into healthier valuations, more favorable terms and immediately builds a substantial shareholder base. With, First Line is well positioned to execute an effective campaign and offering via this complex but effective process.

Reverse Mergers/Takeover (RTO)
Many domestic and foreign private companies seek the benefits of being public but are not prepared or in a position to invest the time and/or expense related to a traditional IPO. An economical and time saving alternative to achieving public status is through a reverse merger into an existing public shell that is already listed on a U.S. exchange. First Line offers a comprehensive reverse merger program including follow-on investor relations services.

Investor Relations (IR)
Maintaining a strong investor relations (IR) program is fundamental to all publicly traded companies. First Line’s network of IR professionals provide an intelligent portrayal of your company to a broad-based investment community. Concurrently, First Line utilizes our network of investment bankers and associated firms to generate additional exposure to sophisticated and institutional investors internationally. Ultimately, our efforts result in progressively increased trading volume and enhanced shareholder value.