About us


First Line Capital LLC, a boutique investment banking firm, was founded in 1991 to focus on deal architecture of debt and equity financing, mergers and acquisitions, implementation of early-stage public strategies, investor relations and various other investment banking activities. To contemporaries, First Line Capital is viewed as a hybrid, investment banking/venture capital/private equity firm. While we engage in primarily investment banking activities, we are always pricipals in our portfolio companies, as with VC and Private Equity firms. We are, however, NOT underwriters.

In the new millennium, First Line has developed a specialty in listing foreign companies on the OTC Markets and Nasdaq. In 2002, First Line opened a satellite office in Israel in order to gain exposure to that country’s quality computer science and biotechnology deal flow. Having once served as China’s capital, ChonQing is their largest city with a population of over 8 million in a region with over 30 million. First Line has listed three exciting ChongQing companies on the OTC and is experiencing continued and growing demand for our services from that region.

Dan & Simon out on the town with Chongqing FLC team overlooking Yangtze River